Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Updates to Jeff's Tour of Communist Bratislava

This is just an update to let people know that I've added three sites to my "Jeff's tour of communist Bratislava" page: a very cool apartment building on Medená ulica, the Vinohrady train station, and the Bratislava Airport "Government" Lounge (Vládny salónik). I've also got an update on the current status of the beloved Československá Automobilová Doprava sign, since the bus station is being rebuilt from the ground up. Check it out here!

Vinohrady train station (photo by James Thomson)

I realize I'm a moron for not including these sites when I first wrote this particular blog page, but better late than never. Also, at the time of writing, you won't be able to see/visit the Airport "Government" Lounge, unfortunately, but it's such a unique and striking design that I still wanted to bring attention to it. 

And if anyone knows of any must-see 20th-century/modern communist-era buildings or sites that I haven't mentioned in my self-guided tour, please let me know about them. If a site is accessible by public transit, not too far on the outskirts of Bratislava, can be seen without you getting chased off by angry security guards, and meets my own possibly idiosyncratic standards of what makes a cool structure, I'll consider adding it.

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