Thursday, February 23, 2012

Old cemetery in Bratislava

Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I love old cemeteries. The cemetery in the Oakland hills has been a favorite haunt of mine for eons, and I was blown away by cemeteries I've visited in Paris, Prague, and Florence. We'd been holed up in the apartment with colds the past several days, and with the weather being so nice this week, it was the perfect afternoon to get out and see the cemetery on Palisady, which I'd been eyeing. Unfortunately, I stupidly failed to foresee just how muddy this place would be. None of the pathways are paved, and with the continuous barrage of snow (and then rain) we'd had over the past couple weeks, the place was heavily saturated and extremely muddy (like, foot sinks two inches into the muck and you almost slip and fall every few steps muddy).

At any rate, it was a nice place. Lots of old headstones, obviously, many dating from the 1800s and early 1900s, several of which had fallen apart and/or fallen over...

...and many of which were jutting out from the ground at severe, fun angles.

Lots of German names, which is obvious since Bratislava was known as Pressburg up until the end of WWI, but a fair amount of Slovak and Hungarian names as well. At any rate, I do want to come back when the ground has had a chance to dry out a bit. Trudging through the mud in this place today was comically treacherous. Plus, there are a couple other old cemeteries I need to check out soon!

Click here to see the full set of cemetery photos, and here to see recent photos of Bratislava.  

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