Friday, December 23, 2011

An Xmas gift from Slovakia

We got the phone call this morning from the Foreign Police, saying that my file has been signed off and approved by the director. That means I can stay and I don't have to leave Slovakia on January 1, a prospect I'd been dreading for over a month now! That we managed to achieve this in such a short period of time is monumental. Like I've mentioned before, it usually takes the Foreign Police 90 days to grant a residency visa, from the time that you first submit your paperwork. And we managed to do this in just under a month. It definitely would not have happened had Terezia not been persistent about calling and pestering people, and pleading. Had we simply submitted the paperwork and sat around waiting for a response, I definitely would have to have gone back to the US, so being pro-active with these people really seems to help.

So, now we can actually enjoy our Christmas, and not sit around stressing out, wondering, hoping, dreading, etc.

We're not done with the Foreign Police yet. Next week I have to come in to get my ID card, and after that I'll have to go to a doctor and get a report that states that I have no infectious diseases. But that should all be a breeze.

At any rate, I hope the 1.5 people still reading this have a fabulous holiday. We'll be in Podrecany visiting the parents over the holiday weekend, but we'll be back next week.

(Click here to see photos I've recently taken in Bratislava)

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