Thursday, November 24, 2011


My brother asked me a few weeks ago about Bernolakovo, the town where Terezia's brother Tony and his girlfriend Jana own a house. This is where we've been staying. Bernolakovo is a small town just outside (to the north east) of Bratislava. The town has been expanding rapidly with new subdivisions. In fact, buying or building a house in Bernolakovo is the "thing" to do around these parts, because it can actually be quite affordable. We've even met a few locals who, upon hearing we're moving to Bratislava, have asked us if we're buying or building a house in Bernolakovo. My brother was curious to see what Bernolakovo looks like, so here are some photos of Tony and Jana's neighborhood.

You can't really see it, but Tony and Jana's house is down the street and on the right, where the rooftops become a-framed. 

How do you know which house is yours when you come home at night totally sloshed?

These houses are all quite new, obviously, and if you see one with a weed-filled front yard, that means the house has still not sold yet.

These next photos are what you see behind Tony and Jana's house. There is a big empty field, beyond which a new street is being made at warp speed. Tony is worried that the guy who owns the big field behind his and his neighbors' houses will sell the whole thing to a developer, who would then put in a whole new street, with backyards that would back up directly to his, thus drastically reducing any sense of privacy. He has met with the guy who owns this land, and is trying to convince him to sell at least a strip of it to Tony and his neighbors so that everyone on his side of the street could at least expand their backyards a little. I'm sure that five years from now this view will be totally cluttered with new houses.

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